Refund Policy

Last updated: Nov 27, 2022

This refund policy explains how the money is refunded back to purchased users.


The refund request will only be considered if the purchase happened in the last 7 days.


We can only consider refund requests in the following conditions.

  • Unable to Access: If the purchased user is unable to access the purchased content due to the technical problems, then the refund request is accepted.

  • Account Fraud: If we detect if the user account is somehow taken over by others and purchased fraudulently, then the refund request is accepted.

  • Payment Errors: If the user faces any issue during the purchase, the debited money will be credited to user in the next 7 days automatically, if not 7 days from the date of refund request.

  • Content Mismatch If the purchased content is too different or unavailable from what is shown as preview, then the refund request is accepted.

Payment method

We don't refund as cash or check, the refund will be transferred via the same payment method that was used while purchasing. Unfortunately, the refunds cannot be done to wallets or any other third party services used while purchasing.


We have every right to reject the refund request if we find the user is in breach of terms of use or involved in fraud or misusing/exploiting this policy.

How to request for refund ?

After reading above, if you believe that you are eligible for refund, you can contact by clicking below

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