Why use it?

Lots of files we create in our personal and professional life, like PPTs, DOCs and PDFs. But, once we make use of these files, most of us just store them in google drives and ignore them or just delete them.

So we built Fiscean. It is combination of words Fish and Ocean. And pronounced as Fishian

What is it?

Fiscean is a Gamified Social Files App, You can think of it as YouTube but for files (Pdfs, Docx, Ppts, Xlsx, etc.), rather than a standard eBook reading and file storage apps.

People around the world upload files to their pools (channels) and others can Follow (pools), Search, and Read them.

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How we help you?

Create value from Unused

Helps creating value from UNUSED files (Pdfs, Docx, Ppts, Xlsx, etc.) those are buried in google drive, dropbox and other cloud storage solutions.

And lists in-front of the people who can actually use/read them.

Great opportunity for Non-book writers

Helps listing your files (Pdfs, Docx, Ppts, Xlsx, etc.) in front of other users and monetize.

YouTube like channels

Create youtube like channels, we call them pools in fiscean. Pools helps you to segregate your files.

You can create as many pools as you want and upload files in them. Anyone can follow your pools to receive updates.

How does it work?


Find popular pools

Find pools (channels) created by people around the world from science, politics, arts etc. and follow them to get updates whenever they add more files.


Discover files from never ending timeline

Discover popular, recent files from timeline. Save and use


Add your own files

Create your own pool (channel) and add files, to make them accessible and searchable.

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