Why use it?

  • Search Engine for files in single place.

  • A place to find files from thousands of pools (pages) from people all over the world.

  • Create discussions around files and interact with communities.

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How we help you?

Monetize your content

We help you in listing your content in the form of files (Pdfs, Docx, Ppts, Xlsx, etc.) in front of other users and monetize.

Build Communities

Start and find discussion around files and participate in them.

Create Pools (Pages)

Create pools (pages) in fiscean. Pools help you to segregate your files.

You can create as many pools as you want and upload files in them. Anyone can follow your pools to receive updates.

How does it work?


Find popular pools

Find pools (pages) created by people around the world from science, politics, arts etc. and follow them to get updates whenever they add more files.


Discover files from never ending timeline

Discover popular, recent files from timeline. Save and use


Add your own files

Create your own pool (page) and add files, to make them accessible and searchable.

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